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Are you here to continue working on an application, submit a final report, or refer to prior information?
Click the Login button on the left. Once you have logged in, use the "Current Programs and Applications" button to navigate to the application or report you need. If you have forgotten your login information OR if you are not sure if you have a profile in the system, please contact Troy Hickman at the Vermont Arts Council by calling 802-828-3292 or by sending an email to

PLEASE DO NOT create a second profile in this system!

Are you, your organization, or your school new to the system?
You should create a new profile. You'll create that profile either as an individual (for artists) or as an organization (for organizations and schools). Be advised that your password will be confirmed by way of email; you may not want to use a password that you commonly use or consider highly secure. Once you have a profile, you'll be able to click on the 'Current Programs and Applications' tab in the left navigation bar to find information about each program and to start or edit your application.

WARNING: If you are able to access an application prior to the date it is scheduled to open, please do not begin your application. It may only be open for testing. Data you enter may be scrambled or lost entirely.

  • FY15 Cultural Facilities Grants

  • FY15 Project Grants
    ---Closed- FY15 applications to open March 3---

  • FY14 Technical Assistance Grants
    ---Open-Application open for May 5, 2014 deadline---

  • FY14 Artists in Schools
    ---Closed-Funding no longer available, FY15 applications available in August---

  • FY14 Cultural Routes Grant
    ---Closed-Funding no longer available, FY15 applications available in August---

  • FY14 Artist Development Grant
    ---Open-Application open for May 5, 2014 deadline.---

  • FY14 Creation Grant
    ---Closed-deadline passed, FY15 applications to open on March 3---

  • Federal Employer Identification Numbers All applicants that are organizations must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN or FEIN).

    Dun & Bradstreet Numbers All organizations (including schools) are required to have APPLIED FOR a federal DUNS number in order to apply for our grants. There may be a waiting period for the number, so just write "Pending" in the DUNS field if you have applied for--but not yet received--your number. You can go to the Dun and Bradstreet website to search for your number, and/or to request a number.

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